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2012. PITCHING EXECUTIVE. Seventy pitches in six hours.

2012. Danny La Rue. Very excited to be working on this. Click-thru photo to read Hollywood Reporter article.

2012. Running The Show. A really interesting and inspiring day at the LFS. Some industry big-wigs (producers and writers) discussing the art of show-running, US versus UK. Tony Garnett (Producer/World) was just fabulously shoot-from-the-hip, talking about the “rise of managerialism” within British drama commissioning. His take on broadcaster script notes: “Don’t.” What I thought was quite an interesting point from Gub Neal (Producer) was how the welfare state here (and the lack of it in the US ) informs creative endeavour. Very much to our detriment. Lots of interesting take-away from the US point-of-view. Frank Spotnitz talked about his education on The X-Files and how he was happy to have his script re-written, if they made them better. Tony Garnett talking about the differences for writers UK v US, I para-phrase: “In the US they fuck you about and you get a swimming pool, in the UK they fuck you about and you don’t.”

2012. Delottie. A gathering and some interesting industry predictions. Click-thru via logo to Edinburgh TV Festival blog article for more.

2012. Daran Little. Working with super-hot Bafta-winning writer Daran Little on a comedy series. Here, interviewing him for Argonon’s series of podcasts. He’s crazy talented and a bit of an all-round genius.

2012. Variety. First name-check in industry bible Variety.

2011. Mother of Sorrows. MediaDesk, the European Arts fund has announced our successful application for development funding on Terence Davies’ new project: Mother Of Sorrows an adaptation of the Richard McCann’s memoir of the same title. This is classic TD, set in 1950’s Washington.

2011. Skillset. Mentoring. Each year I give up some time to represent at the final session of the Skillset Graduate Training Programme. I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from some incredible mentors and it’s something I truly believe in. Karma.

Once you go black. Make of it what you will. A beauty contest? Genuine talent spotting? A lazy way of knowing who’s hot? An agent’s pr tool?

Twitter. A whole new twist on the notion of an elevator pitch. Genius.

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